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Fiesch public transport hub – Total renovation of Fiesch railway station

Opening on 07.12.2019

Public transport showcase project: Consolidation of all transport modes (rail, cable car, Postauto bus) – short connections, comfortable transfers, improved safety

Project participants: Municipality of Fiesch, MGBahn, Fiesch-Eggishorn aerial cableway, municipality of Bellwald, PostAuto, canton of Valais

Andermatt railway station – Railway facilities sub-project

Customer-oriented addition with six platforms, platform roofing and a new station hall
Integration into the Andermatt Swiss Alps overall development plan
<font face="Arial, sans-serif">Potential for tourism segment and further development of the real estate business division
</font>Total cost of CHF 70 million
Completion time frame 2017 – 2022