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Vision and strategy


We have always aspired to be and are determined to remain the number one provider of experiences and mobility – from the Gornergrat to Disentis and Göschenen. We devote special attention to our Gornergrat, Real Estate, Shareholdings and Mobility business divisions. 

    • As a host, we offer outstanding complete experiences and well-connected mobility throughout the Alps. 
    • We use our real estate business to ensure modern residential and shopping experiences with optimum connections to public transport. 
    • We are committed to delivering our high standard of quality in all our trademark brands: the Gornergrat, the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and the Glacier Express.

…and values

While carrying out our business, we base our decisions and actions on a solid foundation and principles:

    • We align ourselves according to the needs of our customers. 
    • We deliver complete experiences in the tourism sector.
    • We ensure the high quality of our services. 
    • We treat our employees fairly. 
    • We place our geographical focus on the Alpine region between the Gornergrat, Zermatt, Andermatt, Göschenen and Disentis. 
    • We benefit the regions. 
    • We act responsibly towards the environment.
    • We are a flexible and dependable partner. 
    • We pursue an active and innovative market cultivation strategy. 
    • We are dedicated to the sustainable development of our subsidiaries. 
    • We have a positive influence on generating value. 

We are committed to excellence on all levels – from individual employees, processes and structures all the way to the consistent modernisation of infrastructure, rolling stock and technology.

Based on the vision and values of the company and taking into consideration its own potential and the development opportunities that exist, the Board of Directors and Management Board of BVZ Holding have adopted a strategy  for the entire Group for the period from 2015 to 2019. The four strategic thrusts derived from the strategy represent the next stage of development for the successful course we are already on and set new emphases and focal points.