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The capital structure

Capital: The ordinary share capital of BVZ Holding AG amounts to CHF 19,727,800.

Conditional and authorised capital in particular: There is no conditional or authorised capital.
Shares and participation certificates The share capital of CHF 19,727,800 is divided into 197,278 registered shares with a value of CHF 100 each. All of the shares have equal divi-dend and voting rights. There are no preferential rights or similar privileges. The entire ordi-nary share capital is paid in. There are no participation certificates.

Profit certificates: There are no profit certificates associated with BVZ Holding AG.

Limitations to the transferability and nominee entries: There are no limitations on trans-ferability. Nominees will only be entered with up to 3% of the share capital. Above this limit, registered shares from nominees will only be entered in the share register if the nominee in question discloses the names, addresses and share volumes of the individuals on whose be-half he/she holds 0.5% or more of the share capital.

Convertible shares and options: BVZ Holding AG has no convertible shares or options pending.