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Strategy in detail


We are enhancing the Gornergrat as a pristine Alpine experience.

The Gornergrat Railway represents the largest earning power of our Group and possesses the highest growth potential. We want to increase our earnings further by enhancing the Gornergrat with attractive offers for tourists and by positioning it holistically as a pristine Alpine experience. 

To accomplish this:

    • We are strengthening our marketing and expanding our online sales channel.
    • We are staging the “up-close and natural” 360° panoramic experience on the Gornergrat Peak and along the entire route.
    • We are increasing the frequency of the Gornergrat Railway timetable with a train every 20 minutes.
    • We are continually upgrading the Gornergrat Railway’s rolling stock and purchasing modern vehicles.


We are uniting our shareholdings in a new business division and capitalising on the potential of our subsidiaries.

We are ensuring that the minority shareholdings of BVZ Holding remain profitable and that we make use of synergies wherever possible. We are also protecting the interests of our shareholders and developing new business models. 

To accomplish this:

    • We are protecting the interests of our shareholders in our shareholdings such as the Zermatt Bergbahnen and the Matterhorn Terminal Täsch.
    • Together with the Rhaetian Railway, we want to define and implement a new business model for the Glacier Express.

Real estate

We are creating ideal conditions to maximise the use of the existing real estate potential along our route and increase our earnings with properties.

We are preparing ourselves in organisational and spatial planning terms so we can plan and develop concrete projects. An increase in earnings from real estate will reduce our dependency on the tourism business division. We are also acquiring the necessary competencies and further developing our railway stations and premises. 

To accomplish this:

    • We are strengthening our competencies in the real estate sector and further developing our organisation accordingly.
    • We are redesigning the railway stations in Zermatt, Andermatt and Brig and developing the premises for real estate activities.


Connecting regions and ensuring public service

We serve the regions in our network with attractive connections in regional transport, shuttle transport, automobile transport and freight transport. Our goal is to ensure efficient public service and promote tourism traffic. The main focus is on having a well-used and dependable half-hour interval schedule between Fiesch and Zermatt. 

To accomplish this:

    • We are establishing a non-stop half-hour interval schedule between Fiesch and Zermatt. 
    • We are increasing the frequency in excursion and holiday transport through the integration of destinations.
    • We are maintaining the level of cost coverage.